Dedicated Supertech

Dedicated Supertech

Personalized Charging. Wallbox with its super precision, compact and premium architecture embeds supertech charging controller and components to provide personalized charging needs. First in segment authentication modes like NFC makes it versatile and more easy to use

No internet or RFID cards required to authenticate. Ferocious performance!

Built with best in class safety standards and premium architecture, it compliments your parking spaces

Plug. Charge. Go

Slim. Compact. Elegant

Flawless. Blue Charge wall box EV chargers can be accommodated in compact spaces for personalized charging infrastructure

Stunning. Charger are designed to compliment architectural design of buildings and villas

Features that Standout​

Features that Standout​

Prepaid Charging

Owners don’t need to run after to collect money from users. It's prepaid

Set you own tariff

Charger owners can set their own tariff and provide charging facility to others

Personalised tariff

Charger owners can setup discounted or free charging for specific users or group

Compatible with solar power setup

Get your charging cost minimized on connection with solar setup

Realtime downtime monitoring

We’ll get to know before you know whenever chargers are down due to any reason.

We play high on
Safety Standards​​


Over & under voltage protection​

Short circuit protection​

Protective earthing​

DC residual current safety trip off ​

Corrosion resistant form factor ​

No electromagnetic pulse generation​

Emergency stop button​

Lead free and 95% recyclable components​

The Art of Perfection.

LED notification panel
Type 2 Charging Connector
(each connector have capacity
ranging from 7.5kW to 22kW)
Stainless steel anti rust body
(Epoxy treated & powder coated))
NFC & RFID Authentication
(Additional QR code for chargers on OCPP network)
Thermoplastic Elastomer abraision
resistant cable
Polycarbonate glass front

The Art of Perfection.

Key Technical Specifications



Designed & Manufactured in India